The New Pampers Cruisers

This weekend Jase, Henley, and Sadie had the opportunity to try the new Pampers Cruisers diapers. They currently wear Luvs, but I was more than trilled to be given the opportunity to test out Pampers.
The new Pampers claim to not sag like other diapers can. From what I noticed, this is most definitely true. There were no saggy bottoms here! I loved this most about them.

But…as a mom of triplets cost is a huge issue. I did the math. For us, Luvs cost approximately $107 a month. Pampers would be $166 a month. There is a lot that I could do with the $59 savings of buying Luvs over Pampers. And as a one income household any money we can save is important.

So, in the end. I really, really, really, loved the new Pampers Cruisers. I just can’t see us spending more money on diapers than we currently spend. If I had one child in diapers I would switch in a heartbeat. But, I was blessed with three and I wouldn’t change that for anything!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

Chick-fil-A Mom Panel

I am happy, happy, happy, to announce that I have been chosen to participate in Chick-fil-A’s 2015-2016 Mom Panel!

Go ahead and laugh now. My sister did when I told her. I don’t care. I want my career as a stay at home mom to be more than just taking care of the kids. And this is just the beginning of that journey.

So what does this entail, you ask?! Essentially I will be one of the first to learn about new Chick-fil-A happenings and participate in special promotions! And I’ll share them on here, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What’s just as exciting is that I will have a chance to network with a huge group of moms who also love Chick-fil-A. All the while assisting a wonderful, community and family centered company.

I can’t wait to get started. I hope that you’ll come back for more updates on the 2015-2016 Chick-fil-A Mom Panel!

Monday Mop Report #4

Toddlers are messy. I understand this. I do. Really. I pretend my children have phases of untidiness. Like, peeing everywhere. It’s a phase, right?! Once they’re completely potty trained it will stop. At least that’s what I’m hoping. Currently, they’re in the no I don’t want to eat this so I’ll squish it in my hands and toss it across the room stage. And I’m getting all bent out of shape over it. I’m quite displeased. Irritated. Okay…I’m seriously freakin’ annoyed.


In this pic you may see a sweet little boy who loves ketchup. But what happened next second ended up looking like a scene from a horror movie. Oh, it was just an accident you may say. Nope. On purpose…with an evil little laugh at the end. Every time we take them out to eat we make the decision that we’re never doing it again. And then we do it again. We’re in denial that our kids have become little monsters when we take them to restaurants. They use to be sooooo good. In fact, that is the #1 compliment we got from strangers – how well-behaved our children were while eating. Now, it’s like were trying to catch and hold down three Tasmanian devils.


In this pic you may see a sweet little girl who is enjoying a popsicle on a hot day. What I remember after snapping this photo is bright red popsicle everywhere. On her face. On her clothes. On the patio. On the furniture. A mess. I know she’s only two. I can’t expect her to be able to eat bright red popsicle without a drip. True. And that’s why I call myself a now restrained and repressed obsessive compulsive clean freak. Because I have to deal with this. And I am trying oh so hard.


In this pic you may see two little girls and their doggy who… Okay, the pic is exactly what you see. I can’t stop it. No matter what I threaten, no matter how long they sit in time out, no matter how many swats they get on their bottom they still do it. Unfortunately, they’ve started climbing on the tables in restaurants too. It’s a serious problem that this mother cannot put an end to. It’s embarrassing. Talk about an awkward moment when your waitress is trying to take your order and your kids are sliding across the table like they’re bob-sledders trying to win gold! I can feel my blood pressure rise just thinking about our next dining adventure.

Someone please tell me I’m not alone. Please tell me that your toddlers are truly terrible too. Advice? Anyone?

Our Journey to Triplets: It’s Time

On a snowy Tuesday morning in February I gobbled down a huge breakfast of biscuits and gravy before the dietary nazi made her daily visit. When I was finished I stood up to go to the bathroom and thought I had peed my pants. By then, I was HUGE and pretty much peed my pants every day. For some reason I felt like I needed to let the nurse know. She rushed to get the doctor. I wasn’t concerned at all. He checked me and said “Call your husband. It looks like you’re having the babies today. What? Today? I’m only 29 weeks 5 days. Then I was scared.

I called my husband (and my family) around 11:30am and said “It’s time”. He responded with “Time for what?” The babies are coming today, honey. He left work immediately. I was moved to a bigger room and hooked up to 3 heart rate monitors. Uncomfortable. The doctor told me that as long as the babies weren’t in any distress that he would wait for my husband to get there before I was taken into the operating room. My in-laws arrived first. Then my very sweet husband. I will never forget the look on his face. He is a man of few words, but when I look at him I always seem to know what he is feeling. He was pale…nervous…and just as scared as me.

A little after 3:00 I was wheeled into the operating room. I was given a spinal block. Matt was then allowed into the room. He looked pretty cute in his gown and surgical cap. I wondered what life would be like if he was a doctor. I know, what a silly thing to think of when I’m about to be cut open, right?! I just wanted to think of anything other than what was about to happen. Including myself and my husband there was the anesthesiologist, 3 doctors, several nurses, and a neonatal nurse for each of the babies. I just laid on the table and cried.

And then they begin. As I was being cut open my husband and my doctor chatted away about John Deere tractors (Matt is a sales manager for a dealership). When I think about it now, I’m sure the doctor was trying to distract him from watching me being gutted. At the time, I thought that the doctor just needed to concentrate on what he was doing!


What seemed like hours later the doctor says “It’s a boy.” Jase Matthew*was born first at 3:32pm (2lbs 6oz and 15 inches long). He didn’t make a sound. I didn’t even get to see him. I didn’t even know if he was alive.      Seconds later “It’s a girl.” Henley Nicole* was born (2lbs 3oz and  just over 12 inches long). She cried. It was the most beautiful sound. I didn’t get to see her though. Then at 3:33pm he says “It’s another girl.” Sadie Marie*came last (2lbs 2oz and 13 inches long). No sounds from her either. She was whisked away too. I cried and cried and cried. Not being able to see your babies immediately after they are born is indescribable.

The next thing I remember is waking up in another room with a Neonatal physician giving the status of the babies. I had no idea what she was saying. I was completely out of it. About an hour later I was wheeled into the NICU to finally see the babies. I vaguely remember them from that day. And that hurts my heart. I couldn’t be there for them like a mother should have been. And that is a burden I struggle with

But, the good news is that we are here today…2 1/2 years later with happy, healthy, crazy toddlers. Although them being born so prematurely wasn’t ideal God had a plan for them. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for my sweet peas. Their lives may have begun at birth, but it was life after the NICU that we all really began living.

*If you’d like to read more about JH&S individually I have linked back to their separate posts I wrote about them recently.

Destin: Our 1st Family Vacation

Before the kids Matt and I would get away every February for my birthday/our vacation – Las Vegas, the Bahamas, Cozumel. Our last trip was a cruise to The Cayman Islands in 2012.  We knew it might possibly be our last for a while as even then we were praying that I would get pregnant. And I did. A year later, when we would normally be sunning our worries away on some beach I was in the hospital. The following year we had three one-year-olds. No vacay. By this summer I was yearning for the salty sea air and Matt needed a break from work. Call us crazy, but driving 12 hours to the beach with three terrible two’ers sounded like the perfect plan. Then, quickly decided we should make a stop or two along the way. We aren’t completely insane.

Day 1: We left in the late afternoon around 4:00 and drove to Clarksville, Tennessee. Our only stop was at a Shoney’s in Henderson, Kentucky for dinner. This may sound funny, but Shoney’s has a special place in my heart. When I was a kid my family and I would eat breakfast there almost ever Saturday. And I loved it! I wanted my kiddos to experience that too. Even if they probably won’t remember. The food was excellent. The kids actually ate more than french fries. And my heart was satisfied for the evening.

Day 2: Breakfast at Chick-fil-A (yum!) and then on the road to the Nashville Zoo. A little background on my kids and animals. Jase – terrified of all animals (except out dog), Henley – serious lover of all animals, Sadie – can take ’em or leave ’em.



The girls turtle watching. Jase wouldn’t even get out of the wagon.
At the Kangaroo Kickabout. None of them came up close enough for us to pet, but it was still an awesome experience. We even got a see a Joey in his mama’s pouch and one laying in a dog bed. So cute!



Henny and a goat. She LOVED them! If you look closely in the background you’ll see Matt holding a very terrified little boy.

Our next stop was Prattville, Alabama – what seemed like a very highfalutin town. I loved it. Our hotel overlooked a golf course. It was beautiful. I would move there in a heartbeat.

Sadie always goes straight for the pen and notepad in a hotel.
Jase following in Daddy’s footsteps – working on vacation.
Henley and her Bunbun
Sadie and her Timmy (aka Lamby on Doc McStuffins)

Look out Destin! The Fry triplets are on their way to soak up your sun and play in your giant sandbox. We probably won’t may get in your emerald waters, but will most likely scream and choke Mommy and Daddy and really, really embarrass them!

Day 3 Destin: Ol’ big butt Yolanda (what I call our Yukon XL) seemed to glide over the Mid Bay Bridge as we all held up our hands and feet while going over. You’re supposed to do that while crossing a bridge with water underneath, ya know. So your feet don’t get wet. We goofed off at a souvenir store and went grocery shopping before we were able to get into our condo. Our third floor with no elevator condo. Oops. Poor Matt had to carry everything upstairs pretty much by himself. He was a trooper and didn’t cuss too much. By the time we got settled in it was time for dinner. Jase fell asleep on the way which made for a not so fun first holy shit expensive dinner that the kids didn’t eat, but Matt and I throughly enjoyed.

Walking down 3 flights of stairs!
The pool. They loved looking at it though the gate, but did not want to go in!
Sleepy Jaser
Grumpy Jaser!
The Back Porch restaurant.

Destin107 Destin109

Day 4: The beach. I knew going in that they most likely wouldn’t get in the water. That was just fine (although I do hope they someday love it as much as I do). I am a fish and love nothing other than to be in the water or lay peacefully and read until the sun goes down. Well…that doesn’t happen when you bring your kids along. I’m sure it’s difficult with one. You can’t even imagine with three that are deathly afraid of the water. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the loaded wagon. You can see in one of the pics the gigantic bag filled with everything that “Beach Essentials” checklist I found online said I should bring. Ha. We didn’t even use the beach towels because no one got really wet. And we didn’t need snacks because we didn’t stay long enough to work off our breakfast. What was super important was the 382 sand toys! Just 2 short hours later they were done and Matt and I were exhausted. Oh, about 30 minutes later after a whiney trek back though the sand and across the street we were finally back at the condo. Quick baths, lunch in, a little dance party and then NAP time. For everyone.

Destin201 Little Bo Beach Peeps
Daddy did manage to get Sadie in the water! Yay!
Our little beach model


Later that evening we got cleaned up and went exploring. We had dessert before  dinner. And took in the spectacular scenery that Destin has to offer. It is truly beautiful there. I understand now why they call that area the Emerald Coast.

Looking for a place to eat dinner.
We ended up eating at the Mellow Mushroom!

Day 5: The beach. Same routine, less baggage…which I know Matt very much appreciated. This time Sadie decided she would be brave and get in the water again. She loved it! She didn’t want to get out. Matt and I spent our time taking turns with her in the water. Every time a wave would come she’d yell “Here come’s another one”! I picture me and her taking a beach vacation of our own in the years to come. She’s my kind of girl! I decided that we didn’t drive all this way for only one babe to feel the warm Gulf water so I picked up Henley against her will and took her out with me. She tolerated it, but as soon as I put her in the water she was done. Matt took Jase out and he didn’t enjoy it a bit. I think he’s more of a cold weather/mountain getaway guy like his Daddy. Two hours and one fun morning later back to the condo we went for baths, lunch, and nap time.

After baths and before lunch. It was all they could do to keep their eyes open!


Our last evening in paradise we decided to go by a friend’s  dinner recommendation and try Dewey Destin’s Seafood Market & Restaurant for dinner. But not before we had dessert first, of course.


They’re too cool for school.


This was our dinner view. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it! Matt and I both had shrimp baskets. I am not a huge fan of seafood, but it was wonderful. And their hushpuppies…oh my! I’d sweat it out again (it was sooo hot) anytime for those puppies!


Jase hauling chicken in his dump truck at dinner!

And of course, the location was screaming “get some awesome pics of the kids all together.” But, they thought otherwise.

It’s so hard to get a picture of them all looking the same way! Or smiling.
Except from behind!

Day 6 Hunstville: As we all know, good things must come to an end. By 9am we said our goodbyes to the beach. We said see ya later to the sea. We bid farewell to the fish. Our days in Destin were done. And we began our adventure back home. Just 7 excruciating short hours later we stopped in Hunstville, Alabama for the night. We had dinner in because who would want to get back in the Yukon after driving Not me. And I know the kids would have blown a gasket. So, Daddy brought Zaxby’s to us and we had a picnic of sorts on the floor of our hotel room. Then off to bed with dreams of home in our head. I dreamt of my own bed. And I’m sure Matt did too. I imagine Henley dreamed of being united with her Maggie and Sadie of being reunited with her Nana. And Jaser I’m assuming dreamt of his own sandbox. We were all ready to be home sweet home.
Huntsville05 Huntsville06

Day 7 Home: Again, bright and early we packed up and made our way back to East Central Illinois. Never did I think that I would be so happy to be home after spending time in a place that seems like heaven to me. But I was. And so were the kids and Matt.

Alas, I do miss the calmness the water brings me. I miss the warm sand on my feet. I miss the salty breeze trying to lull me to sleep. JH&S most likely won’t remember this adventure, but I made memories that I am sure to recall on their first day of kindergarten…the day get their driver’s licences (omg…3 at once!)…and on the day Matt and I become empty nesters. I will hold close to my heart that short week we spent as a family of five (sometimes I still can’t believe that I am saying that) traveling, exploring, learning, loathing, and loving our time together. I can’t wait to do it again.


Thursday Night Thoughts #5

I consider September 1st the first day of Fall. Usually by now I have already filled the house with my Autumn decor. But, we have all been sick this week and the only thing on my agenda has been getting well. Today I feel like me again. Tomorrow (when the kids are at daycare) my home will turn into my favorite season. Until then here are some thoughts about the best time of the year…

My in-laws have small pumpkin patch that they have run since before I was part of the family. In the past I’ve helped till the fields, plant, and even helped harvest a bit. That was until the babies came along. Naturally, the last couple of years I haven’t been as much a part of the operation as I’d like. This year though I’ve taken it upon myself to update their Facebook page and Fry’s Pumpkins & More is now on Instagram thanks to me! I also designed a new logo (for lack of a better word) that will be used on new signage directing pumpkin pickers our way. I’m hoping to use it on t-shirts and flyers as well.Rectangle01Every September our small town has a community event called the Autumn Fest. It’s a weekend celebration that includes all types of yummy fair type food, music, arts and crafts, and a car show that the whole family can (and does) enjoy! Fry’s Pumpkins & More rents a booth every year to sell their homegrown pumpkins (numerous varieties), gourds, and indian corn. I sometimes think I get more thrilled about the festival than a 35-year-old woman should. Maybe it’s because this is a family business and that we all contribute in some way that makes it so exciting to me. Last year the kids even helped out a bit. This year will have them singing and dancing to bring in the customers. Of course, they probably don’t have to do much of anything to get attention. Their cuteness brings everyone to our booth! And this year cousin Amelia will be there too – quadruple cuteness will surely hope us sell out!



I’ve started a fall bucket list. One thing that I have always wanted to do, but never done is go apple picking. I have researched a few orchards near us, but that’s all I’ve done so far. Have you ever been apple picking? I think the kids will love it. healthy-fruits-health-applesHave a great rest of the week!


Adventures with a Silly Baby

Hawaiian Wedding Cake

My Grandma was a wonderful cook – her baked beans and biscuits and gravy are two of my favorites. When my she passed away 5 years ago one of the things I kept was her cookbooks. On the back of this book she noted a few recipes she wanted to try or had made and enjoyed. I’m not quite sure. One in particular that caught my eye was the Hawaiian Wedding Cake. I don’t ever remember her making this cake. It sounded wonderful so I just had to try it.


I am in no way a good cook (although I do think I’ve finally perfected her baked beans), but I love to bake. I immediately made this cake and it is A M A Z  I N G. It’s so simple to make which is a plus in my opinion. One bite and you will be transported to the beaches of Hawaii. And that is no lie!
IMG_0682Many times I will modify a recipe a bit…add more of this or that. This cake I make by the book. I don’t think I’ll ever add anything to it. It is perfectly perfect just they way it is. Thank goodness for Mae Dorris (the author of the recipe) and for my Grandma Irene for purchasing the Favorite Recipes From Frankfort Area Historical Society and Guild 1980 cookbook. This cake is most definitely a favorite at The Triplet Farm. And I think my Grandma would be happy about that!


The finished product. Doesn’t it look so yummy?! This doesn’t last very long around here. And I suspect it won’t at our cookout this weekend either. Do you bake/cook anything that your Grandma ever made? Does it taste just she made it or are you still perfecting the recipe?

Hawaiian Wedding Cake 01_Fotor

Sweet Little Ones

The Sickeness

It started with Sadie randomly puking Saturday night. No fever. Acted fine. Then Henley. Then me. Blah.   Thank goodness Nana came to the rescue yesterday. There is absolutely no way I could have taken care of the kids by myself all day. I would have ended up laying in a puddle of my own tears as I watch them destroy my house and I wouldn’t have had the energy to stop them. Nana let me sleep. I only slept about 4 hours the night before. She wrangled the wild animals while I rested my oh so tired, no energy, it hurts to even walk, body. Thanks a million, Nana. I owe you more than I could probably ever repay you.

The girls were better yesterday. And I ended up feeling better than I when I woke up yesterday morning. Thankfully I was able to sleep from 830 last night until 730 this morning with only a little interruption from Henley. I’m still not 100% today, just a headache that I can’t get rid of. I’m still taking it easy even though there is a crap ton of laundry that needs to be done. The couch is my best friend today. The plus side of that is that I’m getting a lot of snuggles from my baby boy. 

I’m in the midst of writing three different posts right now. I don’t expect them to be complete until I’m feeling normal again. I completely forgot (chalk that up to me being sick) that yesterday I was featured on Grammie Time blog. You can see my name in lights here. She discovered me when I linked up to Tuesday Talk on Sweet Little Ones blog. I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!


PS. I also forgot Monday Mop Report 4 too. It’s too late to post now. Geeze…I hate being sick!

Our Journey to Triplets: My Hospital Stay

Read part 4 here.

An overnight stay in a hospital is doable. A week stay is worse. I was an in-patient for almost a month. I don’t wish that on anyone no matter the reason they are there.

10 days in-patient

I will admit at first I was looking forward to making a home away from home in room 246. I couldn’t rest at my real home. I felt like I should be up doing something, anything to pass the time. The thought of laying in bed (I was soooo tired all the time), napping the days away and watching my babies grow under more than one watchful eye pleased me. Looking back now I can say that I was stupid. Dumb. Clueless.

Sadie’s head

This is what I’d like to tell my naive self: It’s lonely there. When you’re two hours from home visitors come, but can’t stay long and they don’t come as often as you’d like. Sure, they come twice a week and Matt stays the weekend. But you’ll still feel abandoned and cry yourself to sleep every night. You’ll spend your 33rd birthday alone. It’s loud. You’re supposed to be getting much-needed rest, but all the sounds of distressed pregnancies keep you awake. Blood draws and IV replacements at 5am wake you after you feel like you just closed your eyes to. Doctors do their rounds before the sun comes up, ya know. You’ll get poked and prodded, examined and re-examined before you even get to have breakfast. Speaking of…the food is awful. You’ll cry over the food. And because you are diabetic you’ll have to deal with the dietary nazi. She looks like she just graduated high school and is demanding you eat this and not that. She’s a complete bitch and you’ll loathe her every day presence. You will miss not being able to breathe the cool February air. Only once will you get outside. And it’s just for a second. You will be in the hospital for 26 days.

Matt sleeping

And just when you think you can’t take anymore the babies will come and you will finally become a mother. Jase, Henley, and Sadie will make your greatest dream come true. Those tiny babies will fill your heart with a love that the sweetest words cannot explain. You will pray every single night for them and for you. You will pray that you and Matt can give them the life they so deserve because they have given you the life you were meant to live.