Hawaiian Wedding Cake

My Grandma was a wonderful cook – her baked beans and biscuits and gravy are two of my favorites. When my she passed away 5 years ago one of the things I kept was her cookbooks. On the back of this book she noted a few recipes she wanted to try or had made and enjoyed. I’m not quite sure. One in particular that caught my eye was the Hawaiian Wedding Cake. I don’t ever remember her making this cake. It sounded wonderful so I just had to try it.


I am in no way a good cook (although I do think I’ve finally perfected her baked beans), but I love to bake. I immediately made this cake and it is A M A Z  I N G. It’s so simple to make which is a plus in my opinion. One bite and you will be transported to the beaches of Hawaii. And that is no lie!
IMG_0682Many times I will modify a recipe a bit…add more of this or that. This cake I make by the book. I don’t think I’ll ever add anything to it. It is perfectly perfect just they way it is. Thank goodness for Mae Dorris (the author of the recipe) and for my Grandma Irene for purchasing the Favorite Recipes From Frankfort Area Historical Society and Guild 1980 cookbook. This cake is most definitely a favorite at The Triplet Farm. And I think my Grandma would be happy about that!


The finished product. Doesn’t it look so yummy?! This doesn’t last very long around here. And I suspect it won’t at our cookout this weekend either. Do you bake/cook anything that your Grandma ever made? Does it taste just she made it or are you still perfecting the recipe?

Hawaiian Wedding Cake 01_Fotor

Sweet Little Ones

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