Hawaiian Wedding Cake

My Grandma was a wonderful cook – her baked beans and biscuits and gravy are two of my favorites. When my she passed away 5 years ago one of the things I kept was her cookbooks. On the back of this book she noted a few recipes she wanted to try or had made and enjoyed. I’m not quite sure. One in particular that caught my eye was the Hawaiian Wedding Cake. I don’t ever remember her making this cake. It sounded wonderful so I just had to try it.


I am in no way a good cook (although I do think I’ve finally perfected her baked beans), but I love to bake. I immediately made this cake and it is A M A Z  I N G. It’s so simple to make which is a plus in my opinion. One bite and you will be transported to the beaches of Hawaii. And that is no lie!
IMG_0682Many times I will modify a recipe a bit…add more of this or that. This cake I make by the book. I don’t think I’ll ever add anything to it. It is perfectly perfect just they way it is. Thank goodness for Mae Dorris (the author of the recipe) and for my Grandma Irene for purchasing the Favorite Recipes From Frankfort Area Historical Society and Guild 1980 cookbook. This cake is most definitely a favorite at The Triplet Farm. And I think my Grandma would be happy about that!


The finished product. Doesn’t it look so yummy?! This doesn’t last very long around here. And I suspect it won’t at our cookout this weekend either. Do you bake/cook anything that your Grandma ever made? Does it taste just she made it or are you still perfecting the recipe?

Hawaiian Wedding Cake 01_Fotor

Sweet Little Ones

The Sickeness

It started with Sadie randomly puking Saturday night. No fever. Acted fine. Then Henley. Then me. Blah.   Thank goodness Nana came to the rescue yesterday. There is absolutely no way I could have taken care of the kids by myself all day. I would have ended up laying in a puddle of my own tears as I watch them destroy my house and I wouldn’t have had the energy to stop them. Nana let me sleep. I only slept about 4 hours the night before. She wrangled the wild animals while I rested my oh so tired, no energy, it hurts to even walk, body. Thanks a million, Nana. I owe you more than I could probably ever repay you.

The girls were better yesterday. And I ended up feeling better than I when I woke up yesterday morning. Thankfully I was able to sleep from 830 last night until 730 this morning with only a little interruption from Henley. I’m still not 100% today, just a headache that I can’t get rid of. I’m still taking it easy even though there is a crap ton of laundry that needs to be done. The couch is my best friend today. The plus side of that is that I’m getting a lot of snuggles from my baby boy. 

I’m in the midst of writing three different posts right now. I don’t expect them to be complete until I’m feeling normal again. I completely forgot (chalk that up to me being sick) that yesterday I was featured on Grammie Time blog. You can see my name in lights here. She discovered me when I linked up to Tuesday Talk on Sweet Little Ones blog. I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!


PS. I also forgot Monday Mop Report 4 too. It’s too late to post now. Geeze…I hate being sick!

Our Journey to Triplets: My Hospital Stay

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An overnight stay in a hospital is doable. A week stay is worse. I was an in-patient for almost a month. I don’t wish that on anyone no matter the reason they are there.

10 days in-patient

I will admit at first I was looking forward to making a home away from home in room 246. I couldn’t rest at my real home. I felt like I should be up doing something, anything to pass the time. The thought of laying in bed (I was soooo tired all the time), napping the days away and watching my babies grow under more than one watchful eye pleased me. Looking back now I can say that I was stupid. Dumb. Clueless.

Sadie’s head

This is what I’d like to tell my naive self: It’s lonely there. When you’re two hours from home visitors come, but can’t stay long and they don’t come as often as you’d like. Sure, they come twice a week and Matt stays the weekend. But you’ll still feel abandoned and cry yourself to sleep every night. You’ll spend your 33rd birthday alone. It’s loud. You’re supposed to be getting much-needed rest, but all the sounds of distressed pregnancies keep you awake. Blood draws and IV replacements at 5am wake you after you feel like you just closed your eyes to. Doctors do their rounds before the sun comes up, ya know. You’ll get poked and prodded, examined and re-examined before you even get to have breakfast. Speaking of…the food is awful. You’ll cry over the food. And because you are diabetic you’ll have to deal with the dietary nazi. She looks like she just graduated high school and is demanding you eat this and not that. She’s a complete bitch and you’ll loathe her every day presence. You will miss not being able to breathe the cool February air. Only once will you get outside. And it’s just for a second. You will be in the hospital for 26 days.

Matt sleeping

And just when you think you can’t take anymore the babies will come and you will finally become a mother. Jase, Henley, and Sadie will make your greatest dream come true. Those tiny babies will fill your heart with a love that the sweetest words cannot explain. You will pray every single night for them and for you. You will pray that you and Matt can give them the life they so deserve because they have given you the life you were meant to live.


Thursday Night Thoughts #4

Is it Thursday already?! Oh my how time flies when you’re having fun. Matt, the kiddos and I got back from a week-long road trip yesterday. I’ve unpacked the Yukon, but haven’t unpacked the suitcases yet. I’m too tired. I need a vacation to recover from our vacation. I am exhausted and writing is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing today. Come back tomorrow (possibly) to read all about our travels. I have a ton of pics to upload and edit before I even start writing. Tonight, instead of blabbing about the wacky thoughts I’ve had in my head this week I’m just gonna post an oldie, but goodie from a previous blog. I’m missing my mom so much today. The post is about her. It’s called Wherever You Are.


Monday Mop Report #3

I just realized I forgot something last night. Maybe it was the sand, sun, and sea that made my normal Monday night post slip my mind. Or was it the absolute exhaustion that comes with vacationing with three toddlers? Either way, I have a good excuse, right?! Today, we’re making the trek back to Illinois so I have one or two or twelve free hours to write. Believe me, just because we were on vacay doesn’t mean the untidiness stayed at home. Yep, it followed us to Florida.  1)Sand. Love it on the beach. Hate it in the condo, in the Yukon, in my ears, in the kids butt cracks. It’s so white and so pretty, but it sucks when it gets in your drink or one of your kids throws it at another and gets it in their eyes. I’m so glad there is a cleaning service at our rental. I didn’t even what to begin to clean that mess. It.was.everywhere.

2)In case you’re wondering…peeing and pooping on the floor didn’t end just because we left the security of our own home. Jase enjoyed doing it anywhere he could. It was like he had a bucket list of floors to relieve himself on while on vacation. My vacation bucket list included just being able to pee or poop alone…in peace and quiet. That didn’t happen.

3) Clothes, clothes here and there. Clothes clothes everywhere. Are they clean? Those look dirty. Wait, didn’t I just wash those shorts? Why are they on the floor?! I’m very thankful for the washer and dryer provided in our condo. Without it, that shirt that I thought Sadie wore, but then I realized she didn’t, wouldn’t have gotten washed twice.

5) Complete unorganization. I like to unpack and put clothes/toiletries/ food in their proper places if we’re staying somewhere for more than one night. The only thing that I managed to keep halfway neat was the refrigerator. And that’s only because the kids couldn’t open it. As soon as we stepped foot in that condo the triplet tornado came though and disaster recovery (me) spent three days repairing the damage (aka picking up Doritos from the floor, looking for remotes, sweeping sand off the couch, etc.). it was pretty much an OCD cleaning freak’s worst nightmare.

Our few days in paradise was dirty and stinky at times, but the beauty of the ocean made up for it. And once or twice I may have lost it due me picking up after the kids and them following behind and undoing it all. But knowing that they we’re having so much fun made it a bit easier on me. I think it helped that I knew I could just pack up and leave that mess behind. Then tomorrow I get to deal with vacation aftermath. When you have littles, untidiness follows where ever you go.

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Thursday Night Thoughts #3

I cannot even begin to tell you how much better this week as been than last. The kids recuperated from their allergy/sinus/virus thingy. Oral steroids ended. Yay! My sweet boy is (kind of) back again. You can read all about his roid rage in last week’s Thursday Night Thoughts. Here are the new thoughts that have been running laps in my mind this week. As you read this we are on the road headed toward Destin, Florida.

  1. Our first family of 5 vacation..without Nana and Papa…or any other help started this evening. If you’re the praying kind, please say a small prayer for safe travels and that I don’t lose what mind I have left. I’m saying a prayer that we all just get along. No fighting and no tears (on my part). Fingers crossed
    that we come home loving one another as much as we did when we left! We’re taking our time getting there; stopping in Tennessee and Alabama before we get to our condo on the beach. Hopefully that will help with the stress of traveling with three two-year olds. Again, a prayer is appreciated.beach-sand-blue-ocean
  2. I sometimes feel like I’m turning my kids into brats. When they want something I give it to them with little hesitation. For example: Tuesday after nap time they wanted a snack. Fine. Jase wanted graham crackers, Sadie wanted fruit snacks, and Henley wanted cheese. Okay. Then Henley wanted fruit snacks, but hadn’t finished her cheese yet. I told her she needed to eat her cheese then she could have something else. She screamed and cried. All the while Sadie is standing next to me asking for cheese over and over and over again. And Jase is yelling that he wants fruit snacks now. And to just get them to shut up for 5 seconds I give them what they want – even though they haven’t finished what they asked for in the first place. Sometimes I can’t handle all the noise at once. It’s like my ears have become very sensitive to sound and I’ll pretty much do anything for a moment of silence. Raising triplets is hard. Half the time I’m sure that I’m not doing anything right and the other half I’m praying that what I am doing isn’t shaping my kids into little a-holes. Seriously. I don’t want little a-hole kids. I know a few of them and they suck.
  3. I had a few blogs before this one. Did you know that? This particular post found its way back into my head again. I’ve been laying in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, with these words swirling around keeping me awake. I wrote this in December 2010. Enjoy.

    I’m From
    I’m 30 and lived in 6 towns in 2 states. I grew up in my parent’s first home and their last. I’ve inhabited a dorm, an apartment, and a townhouse. I’ve lived in the quiet country and in the middle of a questionable part of town. I survived living with my Grandma, my sister and my in-laws. Today I live on Michigan Avenue. All of those places I called home, but this is where I am really from…

    I am from the orange rocking chair where my mom used to sing me to sleep and the Smurf sheets where she would lay me to bed.

    I am from Grandma’s biscuits and gravy and Grandpa’s tall tales, Sunday school with Grandma Shirley and exploring (terrorizing) Mulkeytown with Uncle Tony.

    I am from Frieda, Molly, Julie, Sam, Coco, Scooter, Bobby, Coby and Harley and Avery too.

    I am from sleepovers with grade school friends and (years later) hangovers with them too.

    I am from Scottish, Hungarian, and American Indian ancestry.

    I am from pulling hair, biting, and scratching with Niki and then finally growing to be the best of friends.

    I am from long school bus rides and even longer nights on the phone with best friends.

    I am from Friday night football games and Saturday morning yard work.

    I am from hundreds of family photos kept nearby and hilarious home videos.

    I am from family dinner at the table (almost) every night and green pancakes for breakfast.

    I am from Christmas Eve appetizers and ham on Christmas Day.

    I am from a past that keeps me awake some nights and a loving husband that keeps me in the present and looks forward to our future.

    I am from chili with peanut butter and syrup sandwiches in the fall…and winter and spring and summer.

    I am from birthday parties in the basement and bonfires in the yard.

    I am from a heart so broken, I thought it would never heal and a heart so full of love I sometimes feel like it may explode.

    I am from back road cruises and summers that seemed to last forever.

    I am from Anna’s All Star Gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, track, and just one summer of softball; dance lessons, tennis lessons, and swim lessons.

    I am from a red, then pink, then purple, then black childhood bedroom.

    I am from a house in the middle of nowhere that I hated, but would now give anything to be there.

    My mom and dad in 1977

    I am from Charlie’s love of music and Patty’s laugh and infectious smile; their immeasurable love, integrity, and compassion.

    I feel like my life has started over more than once. That makes it difficult to remember my past; recollections are starting to fade. Sometimes I don’t know if my memories are dreams that I’ve had or if my history creates my dreams. But these I keep close to my heart. Of all the people, places, and things that consume my life, they are what make me feel most at home.

4) Since we are on vacation this week I will most likely not be blogging. You can still find me on Instagram and Facebook though. I’ll be posting super cute pics of some super cute kiddos. And maybe a few of me and Matt too!

The Evolution of Mom

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Monday Mop Report #2

Potty training triplets is disgusting.


I know that it has nothing to do with intelligence, but I’m starting to feel like my kiddos are not as smart as I thought they were. I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but come on; get with it! I’m so tired of cleaning pee off the dining room table (yes, you read that correctly). And it’s not appropriate to squat and poop in the yard. Albeit, it is outside, but still gross. You are not animals!

I am so frustrated with this process altogether. They were doing so well when we first introduced big kid undies. A month later all they wear are pull ups. I’m even thinking of putting diapers back on Sadie. She is so so so smart, but she absolutely 100% refuses to sit on her potty. Having wet/poopy pants does not bother her one bit. Jase is doing well. He is the one that still tells us (most of the time) when he needs to go to the bathroom. Henley has been pooping on the potty often, but still chooses to take off her pull up and pee on the living room rug or on the bench in our kitchen.

I just want to S C R E A M!

I know one day soon this will all be over and I’ll be longing for the days when they yell “mommy help me” or “mommy I fawted” (what J says when he goes #2). I just don’t want to be slipping in pee puddles and picking up poop until the day before they go to kindergarten. No one goes to kindergarten in diapers, right?!

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